Monday, June 11, 2007

Young Stars of Hollywood

Dakota Fanning and other child stars survive the high stakes
game of stardom at a young age with hard work and dedication.

Hollywood is full of talented actors, and some of those are so little, it amazes you they are even able to learn lines. While many child stars get by on their looks or cute personalities, some have the kind of talent that will propel them to future stardom. Dakota Fanning is one in a long line of successful child stars that not only has an adorable look, but is extremely talented as well.

Dakota Fanning follows closely in the footsteps of other child stars who made the leap from a child to a successful teen actor. One can only imagine she will make the transition to adult actor as well. Kirsten Dunst and Jodi Foster both won a great deal of attention for roles as children, and then managed to avoid the trips that catch other child stars. Dakota is simply the latest in this series of young talent.

Disappearing Child Stars
Many child actors appear in a few notable roles only to disappear over time. Some of these young actors are simply not interested in pursing a continuing career in Hollywood or need a break from the spotlight. They choose to pursue other dreams or educational opportunities. Some, like Drew Barrymore, eventually make it back to the big screen, and others simply fade.

Other child stars fight tooth and nail to stay in the public eye. They have enjoyed their time in the spotlight, and can’t fathom that it might be ending. Child stars have a unique disadvantage. They are initially sought for their youth, and as the leave their youth behind, they are no long sought after for important roles. Some may argue that this is the case for female actors as well, but youth in children is far shorter than a youthful appearance for a woman in Hollywood. It is painfully fleeting.

Child Star Survivors
Those that enjoyed success on the big (or little) screen as children and then continue to enjoy success as they age are the lucky few. Some do not age gracefully and fall from public favor. Others find a sort of protection in the industry and manage to stay above the temptations that affect others.

Out of the initial batch of child stars in every generation, most fade away by choice or by circumstances. The few remainders have survived on pure talent and hard work. Dakota Fanning is one of those survivors, and could possibly even be the most talented young starlet in Hollywood history.

Child Star Fans
Fans of child stars are able to find a great deal of information about these actors online and in magazines. Website owners and editors know how meaningful these young careers can be and offer updated information on a regular basis. Even game sites, such as, offers their own version of child stars – in the form of dress up games and dollz.
There will always be child stars. And there will always be those very few that make the transition. We, the audience, will always be enamored with these young talents and do what we can to follow their careers and show our interest in their exciting lives.

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